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ISBN: 9781386502005

9781386502005 - Brendan P. Myers: Fledge
Brendan P. Myers (?):

Fledge (2011) (?)

ISBN: 9781386502005 (?) or 1386502006, in english, Exigua Publishing, Exigua Publishing, Exigua Publishing, New, ebook, digital download

From Seller/Antiquarian
The APPLEWOOD saga continues. Fourteen-year-old Scott Dugan is both desperate survivor and hunted casualty of a vampire outbreak that decimates his small Massachusetts town. His uncle believes science offers hope and takes the boy on the run from shadowy forces tasked with exterminating those like his nephew. But when the two separate, Scott embarks on an epic journey that takes him from cheap carnival sideshow act to comfortable refugee in the home of a wealthy and reclusive man with his own dark tale to tell. As the chase moves from the low deserts of Arizona to the high peaks of Colorado and into the White House itself, Scott must avoid becoming a pawn in someone else's deadly game. And when he learns that self-discovery for those like him is only found by embracing all he has become, he must weigh his longing to remember who he was and where he came from against the certainty that in doing so, he will never see the sun again.
Seller order number: ff1b6dad-b24a-4407-a3a9-9618190ab525
Platform order number 264509781386502005
Category: Fiction & Literature
Keywords: Fledge Brendan P. Myers Horror Fiction & Literature 9781386502005
Data from 07/19/2017 07:25h
ISBN (alternative notations): 1-386-50200-6, 978-1-386-50200-5


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