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9781386506737 - Erin Lee: Take Me As I Am - Book
Erin Lee (?):

Take Me As I Am (2017) (?)

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ISBN: 9781386506737 (?) or 1386506737, in english, Erin Lee, Erin Lee, Erin Lee, New, ebook, digital download

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Emmy Harrison has been in all the wrong relationships. Her past is nothing she wants to talk about. She thought she finally got it right when she got involved with Riley Torres, a "nice" guy who was only trying to protect her when he lingered just a little too long. At first, it was cute - the way he checked up on her. She loved how he defended her, even against her sister Abby, who could be a bit of a meddler. He made her feel important when he stayed up waiting for her to return from exam study groups. It was sweet. Until, it wasn't anymore. Isolated from friends and family who'd tried to warn her and scared that Riley might try something stupid, Emmy must face the truth about the guy she gave her heart to. Or, maybe she could change him…All she wanted was a happy ending. Would she need his permission for that too?
Seller order number: 76e66344-cd85-49fe-ae7a-79940d0cd896
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Category: Teen
Keywords: Take Me As I Am Erin Lee Adult Teen 9781386506737
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ISBN (alternative notations): 1-386-50673-7, 978-1-386-50673-7


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