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9789966078773 - Racheal Komen: Santa In Kenya - Book

Racheal Komen (?):

Santa In Kenya (2014) (?)

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Daniel a 7 year old boy saves Christmas by believing in Santa. Living in a small dreadful wooden house with his mother after being thrown out of the mansion by his ruthless uncle. Daniel and his mother are oppressed by his uncle and family. Despite all, Daniel did not stop being a humble and joyful boy until on Christmas eve when he comes from the mall with his awful cousin only to find his mother being beaten by his uncle's wife. It was hard for him to resist the pain and anger filled him. On Christmas eve night, he crys endlessly cursing Santa for not making his mother happy. In North Pole, the alarm sounds and the indicator comes from Kenya. Santa and the elves knows that a child in Kenya is loosing faith. Deep in the dungeons, the evil Grim liberates himself and goes to Kenya to convince Daniel not to believe in Santa, so that he can take Santa's powers. Santa comes through a pothole with elf guards to stop Daniel from believing in Grim.
Keywords: Santa In Kenya Racheal Komen Fiction - YA 9789966078773
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ISBN (alternative notations): 9966-078-77-0, 978-9966-078-77-3


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